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Beer Care Dispense Solutions line cleaning guide

(Pressurised bottle )


How to clean draught beer lines step by step (pressurised cleaning vessel)


1.  Fill  up the cleaning vessel with water and fasten the lid securely

2. Remove the keg coupler from the keg and connect to the cleaning bottle. For best cleaning results switch off any of the beer coolers

3. Always follow the manufacturers instructions with regards to soaking time and dilution ratio 

4.  Open the beer tap and pull through all of the beer in the line until you reach the water. Then Top up with water and add the correct amount of beer line cleaner (always check the ratio on the bottle or manufacturers instructions) to your cleaning bottle and mix. Then pull this through until the line cleaner has filled the line(s) and system 

5. Once you are at the line cleaner go into the cellar and bleed any air out of the fob detectors (if you have them fitted) to make sure the whole thing is cleaned

6. Let it soak in the lines for 10 mins, pull enough through to ensure that it’s fresh cleaner throughout the lines (you should get an idea of how much by the amount of beer dispensed before you get to the line cleaner) and allow it to soak for 10 mins until you have done this with 3 x ten minute soaks and the line cleaner should be clear (or purple if you are using a purple beer line cleaner)

7. Before you empty the cleaning bottle make sure you release the pressure via the pressure relief valve.  Rinse out line cleaning bottle thoroughly to ensure there is no line cleaner in it and fill with fresh clean cold water

8. Flush with water. Make sure that you pull plenty of water through each tap

9.After you have flushed with water make sure bleed the fobs a bit (if you have them fitted) to rinse the cleaner from the top of the fobs and the bleed pipe

10. Make sure you release the pressure via the pressure relief valve before you unscrew the lid to empty  

11. Reconnect each beer line to the correct keg.

12. Open the beer taps and pull through all of the water until you are back to beer again.

13. Return to the cellar to bleed the water out of the top of the fobs when the kegs are back on